Support Women in Uniform - A supportive community and justice fund.
Heroes know no one should be left behind, but that is exactly what is happening to women in uniform. Women are being denied the opportunity to work and promote in the fire service, law enforcement, military, and other careers of service. Women are being sexually harassed, assaulted, and bullied out of these occupations. Men in these careers who are supportive and try to help are also bullied and harassed.
Your tax dollars pay the salaries in these occupations and for the litigation to protect and enable the perpetrators that bully, harass, assault, and prevent women and other minorities from being able to serve their communities.
Our goal is to stop tax funded bullying and abuse. We want to leave better communities and equal opportunities for future generations. We see the problem is solvable with proper mental health care for people in uniform, and accountability. 
We hope to make change by funding legal action, mediation, and education that will:
Protect and produce diversity in traditionally male dominated careers.
Promote needed changes and education to assist women in uniform as they strive for equality.
Prevent workplace violence, sexual assault and harassment, and bullying that often occurs in traditionally male dominated careers.
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